More Information About The Piqua Shawnee Tribe

In most instances, the Shawnee Indians liked to move around, and this was so because they tried to avoid conflict with other tribes as well as the colonists. The Shawnee originally came from a place that was known as Ohio. Because of the constant movement in response to avoid conflicts with neighbors, the Shawnee spread to various parts. However, a majority of them settled in the state of Oklahoma. Before the invasion of the colonists, the Shawnee had significant numbers, but that was later reduced because of conflicts and war. Ailments like fever and flu also contributed to the reduction of the Shawnee tribe.

The diseases were brought by settlers from Europe. Due to the frequent movements of the Shawnee people, they did not have permanent shelters. Relatively, they stayed in houses known as wigwams. These houses were made from tree barks, thick bush grass, tree saplings and other natural materials. The Shawnee people did not have a colored clothing nor the traditional feathered cloths. But rather, the ladies wore long skirts while for the men they wore breechcloths. The Shawnee tribe also kept their hair long, but that was except for battle time. The warriors shaved their hair.

The Shawnee tribe at also painted their faces and wore moccasins. The food that the Shawnee ate mainly originated from their farms. The farms were mainly cultivated by the women alongside other tasks such as cooking and taking care of the children. The main crop that was harvested from the farms was corn. Men, on the other hand, were tasked with hunting and fishing. Strong men also formed part of the warriors who took part in wars to protect the community and also their land. The Piqua Shawnee loved their heritage, and they loved to tell stories.

This was necessary so that history was passed from one generation to the other. The Piqua Shawnee entails several family groups that are interconnected, and they stay in different states. Some of the relatives live in Canada, Alabama, Kentucky, Tennessee, Indiana, Ohio, Texas, Missouri, South Carolina and Maryland. There are usually tribal gatherings once in a year to prevent any of the tribes from traveling further than others. There is a principal chief who is selected from the tribal council. The principal chief rules because of the support of villagers. The tribal council is made up of clan chiefs and clan mothers. All the issues are taken to the council for consultation before deliberation and consideration by the clans. The primary task of the council is to find consensus so that people speak in one voice, visit the site to know more!

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